About Sevis

Sevis Systems is a leading provider of mobile backhaul and enhanced signaling solutions to mobile and fixed line network operators. Several of the world's largest operators rely on the Sevis products to increase operational efficiencies and enable new services. Sevis products are sold worldwide via a network of OEM and distribution partners.

Sevis' goal is to glorify God by offering excellent, innovative, carrier-grade solutions, caring for our employees and their families, and being a great partner to each of our customers-OEM's, distribution partners and operators alike.

Over 15 Years of Experience

Founded in 1999, Sevis is a privately held corporation based in Dallas, Texas.  Our innovative and reliable products have consistently enabled our customers to reduce operating expenses and add new services to their existing networks.

Our Locations

  • Dallas, Texas (USA)
  • San Antonio, Texas (USA)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Singapore, Singapore

Our Team

Our team of creative and highly experienced engineers is what makes Sevis truly unique and so well equipped to serve our diverse, international customer base.


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