Sevis releases "Backhaul Offload"

Date: July 26, 2016

Dallas, Texas: Sevis Systems, the leading developer of cellular backhaul optimization technology announces the release of the latest version of its Intelligent Backhaul Optimization (IBO) suite of applications that now includes the addition of its much anticipated ‘Backhaul Offload’ application.


Backhaul Offload allows mobile network operators (MNO’s) to leverage high throughput satellite spot beams to offload traffic in locations with pre-existing terrestrial backhaul links experiencing high utilization. While the Sevis hardware is agnostic to the IP transport technology, an efficient use scenario is leveraging satcom for offloading microwave links that are at or near traffic saturation. MNO’s can keep delay-sensitive voice and signaling traffic over existing microwave backhaul links but offload these links by carrying bandwidth-hungry data traffic over high-throughput satellites (HTS). The Sevis optimizers intelligently manage traffic routing across the terrestrial and satellite links and also perform traffic optimization and acceleration functions to save bandwidth and improve the user experience.


Commenting on the launch of the Offload application, Ian Walter, Vice President Marketing & Business Development of Sevis Systems, said, “With offload Sevis demonstrates once again its commitment to improve and empower the satellite backhaul ecosystem. Backhaul Offload can become a ‘killer app’ for the satellite industry, as it expands satellites’ addressable markets. With offload, HTS operators and service providers can now not only optimize satellite backhaul links in rural, remote or hard-to-reach locations but also target microwave-heavy suburban areas with an efficient terrestrial-satellite hybrid approach”.


The Backhaul Offload application focuses on simultaneously reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) for mobile carriers while expanding market addressability for satellite-based backhaul services. MNO’s can reduce TCO by flexibly relying on a scalable and low-OpEx satellite service instead of investing money in the expansion of existing microwave links. Backhaul Offload is therefore a win-win for HTS service providers and MNO’s: HTS service providers provide MNO’s with a well-balanced OpEx-for-CapEx value proposition; with great flexibility for quickly deploying and adapting to changing needs.


“It is a misconception that satellites are confined to ‘gap-filling’ roles”, highlighted Ian Walter. “There are times when market disruptions coupled with creative technology foster new uses with wide appeal, that can have an impact on the larger telecom space. We truly expect that our Offload technology will help to unleash the enormous potential of suburban HTS backhaul, in time for the much-needed expansion of 3G/ LTE bandwidth in both developing and developed markets”.


Backhaul Offload is a smart, network-enhancing application purposely designed to expand the portfolio of satellite backhaul services. It complements the suite of Sevis 2G/3G/LTE intelligent backhaul optimization and acceleration applications designed for scalability with a software-definable system architecture.


Please contact Sevis or your nearest integrator to learn more about Backhaul Offload and other backhaul-enhancing applications.




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