Sevis Releases Leading Backhaul Optimization Solution in SaaS Model

Date: March 6th 2016

Dallas, TX - Sevis Systems, the leading developer of cellular backhaul optimization technology announces the release of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for mobile network operators (MNO) and backhaul service providers.


The release of Sevis’ Intelligent Backhaul Optimization (IBO) suite of applications with a subscription pricing model helps to address the challenges mobile carriers and service providers face when deploying and supporting large, geographically distributed backhaul networks. Sevis’ IBO applications including Cellular Backhaul Optimization, TCP Throughput Acceleration and Traffic Offload are now available worldwide with an affordable subscription license model.


Tim Peyla, Global VP Business Development at Sevis comments, "A growing number of MNO’s and satellite service providers have inquired about the availability of Sevis IBO applications licensed in a subscription model. So, it was a natural step for Sevis to offer backhaul optimization and acceleration as a service; addressing today’s budget challenges and helping partners and mobile carriers achieve benefits quicker and without financial risk."


The Sevis 7000 Series optimization platform was designed with scalable hardware and a software-defined architecture to precisely address changing market needs and adapt accordingly. The new subscription model is aimed at further empowering the 2G/3G/LTE cellular backhaul ecosystem by, among other benefits, injecting system liquidity and eliminating budget constraints.  Sevis clients now have the choice of adopting a more flexible subscription pricing model delivering high ROI benefits.


An example of where the subscription model applies is when satellite service providers or HTS (high-throughput satellite) operators provision a large capacity “cloud in the sky” and offer MNO’s usage-based backhaul optimization and offload services. Additionally, the subscription model allows for further decoupling of hardware and software enabling MNO’s to reduce OpEx while providing their subscribers with the best possible user experience.


Steve Samaniego, President, Sevis Systems says, "Our software-defined solution offering in a subscription model makes sense given the intersection of what is happening in the IT, mobile and hybrid terrestrial/satellite backhaul markets and technology. Software made available as a service continues to grow in adoption due to overall lower cost of ownership so we expect that subscription-enabled optimized wireless backhaul will provide additional flexibility to ensure even more rapid adoption and success."


Sevis’ SaaS subscription model is available worldwide for customers and partners. Please contact Sevis or your nearest integrator to learn more about Sevis’ subscription model and its industry-recognized backhaul-enhancing applications.



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